Life So Far

Hello Everyone-

This is both nerve-wrecking and exciting.  I am excited to share all that Josh and I have been up to the last 2 months and also all the adventures I hope are to come.

As most of you know (due to the the bombardment of puppy pictures on every social media site) WE GOT A PUPPY! We named him Obie after our favorite Michigan beer, Oberon. I joke that the reason we got him was because I needed someone to talk to besides Josh, and that is somewhat true.  Obie is the perfect addition to our family and he also has helped us meet some dear friends.  Nothing starts a good conversation like your dog running over to them and licking their faces.

13754671_503363136531302_2898448320676758764_n.jpgThis is when we picked up Obie. We had been looking for an older dog, but decided to take a trip to a local petsmart and Bounce Rescue was there (with Obie and a bunch of other adorable dogs).  20 minutes later we were walking away with a puppy – and we were SO not prepared.

Obie could not have joined our family at a more perfect time. After being in Colorado for a couple weeks, my grandpa passed away. It made me extremely homesick.  Poor Josh had to put up with a lot!  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend time with my family back in Michigan for a week. That time back home was really nice and comfortable, but it also made me miss the mountains.

Since then we have tried to explore as much as we could. We also hiked our first 14er (Mt Grays).  We got hit with a snowstorm at the top. It was awful. Cold. And we were not prepared at ALL. Note to self-bring mittens, hats, and warmer clothing next time!IMG_4666.jpg

This is us hiking in Estes Park.  There was one weekend I needed something familiar in my life so we headed up to where my family used to vacation. I so needed to see something I had seen before.  It is exhausting being so unfamiliar with your surroundings. At one point I am pretty sure Josh caught me crying because I didn’t know where the closest coffee shop was.


Those are just some of the adventures and impulsive things we have done so far. I will try to keep you posted on all that is to come! For now, we are both settling into our new (for me) jobs and trying to get into a rhythm.

I miss you all!

– Chloe


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