.the little things.

This past week it was my half birthday….and you are correct…my HALF birthday, and we celebrated. After thinking deeply about birthdays, I decided 90 is not enough (if I make it that far, and subtract the 3 or 4 I don’t even remember). Why not make it 180 and celebrate half birthdays? I am not saying presents or a party, but something that makes you feel special.

For Josh’s half birthday we were in the middle of moving, so I made cupcakes (because baking is my love language) and I got him tickets to see needtobreathe at red rocks. We were going to go anyway, but doing something thoughtful for Josh and getting them as a “present” was pretty special.

We actually just went to needtobreathe about a week ago….it was awesome! This was both of our first times at RedRocks and the venue is far and few between.  There was a storm that had passed by, so during the concert you would see the occasional lightning over the flat lands. I definitely suggest everyone make a trip there!img_4739

So…back to my half birthday… I got home from work to find a nice bouquet of flowers, a cute card, and a fun menu.  The menu included my favorite (childhood, adolescent, college, and adulthood food) Macaroni and cheese, pizza bagels, moscow mules and of course ice cream!

The little act of planning out my favorite meal, made me feel so special. He even spent time making it look cute!img_4767

I throughly enjoyed every second and carb of the meal! (for those who have not tried it- I typically put Lawry’s season salt on my mac and cheese. It adds a lot of flavor- for my fellow mac & cheeser’s….try it!)


To top off the night, we got our comfy clothes on and vegged.  We watched like 5 episodes of Limitless (which we are dying to know what happens next- and almost pulled an all-nighter to find out). img_4769Every night around 8 o-clock Obie gets all cute and snuggly. Normally he does this after he goes on a crazy and high energy 15 minute run sesh around the house. Almost like he gets his second wind and then crashes for the night.  I love it when he is cuddly and wants to get as close as possible to Josh or I. Of course to end the night like this was just perfect.

This half birthday celebration was perfect.  A day to eat comfort food and relax.   Days like this remind me to celebrate every day…the little things. I think it is so easy for me to get stuck in the mundane. Why not celebrate the first day of fall with a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a fall scarf?! Life is too short to only have 90 birthday parties. The people we love are too valuable to only be celebrated once a year.

Here is to celebrating the little things.



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