– The Last 2 Months With Obie-

Obie was a complete impulse decision and yet at the same time the best decision. When we moved to Colorado I would look outside at the dog park and the people out there and it would instantly make me sad. I so craved being home with my friends, family, and familiar places. I thought that by getting a dog I would “forget” about my homesickness and maybe make friends at the dog park. Well, I was wrong about one thing…getting Obie only covered up my homesickness. It just made me too busy to think about.  It just postponed the heartache for later (totally separate post). 13754671_503363136531302_2898448320676758764_nThe day we got Obie – We showed up to a Petsmart closer to our apartment prior to a planned trip heading up to Fort Collins to look at a 5 month old dog we were interested in.  However, we fell in love with Obie (then named Simba) and decided there was no need to drive to Fort Collins. We had found our pup!

They know Obie’s mother was a chihuahua and they think his dad was a mix of boxer and shepherd.  However, we seriously have no idea and everyday think he is something else. We definitely love out mut.

img_4728Obie is cute and gets away with a lot because I am a huge softie. This was his response to us telling him to get in his cage. What a little stinker.


He is such a happy pup. This was us at the park the last weekend. Obie, Josh, and I were baffled by the dock dogs- a dog jumping contest where the dogs run down a dock and jump into water. It was pretty awesome and for a hot sec we were determined to try and teach Obie. Maybe someday!


Obie has finally learned the idea of fetch. It has made our lives so much easier. He is running (and getting tired) without us having to exercise with him!


Today we went to Petsmart to get Obie a new leash (due to him chewing threw his last one). While we were there, we noticed that the gentle leads were labeled as 1 cent. The red ones are apparently being discontinued and therefore we got 2 for free (the dutch side of me was extremely happy about this)! For those who don’t know- the gentle lead helps with training. It keeps the dog from pulling when going for a walk. This picture is from the first time we put it on Obie. He was NOT having it.

As for now, we are hoping Obie continues to grow! We have no idea how big (or small) he will be. We love the puppy stages, but are looking forward to being able to sleep through the night! Hopefully soon!

Also- who ever said that impulse decisions were not smart…hasn’t met Obie.



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