Weekend Recap- Aspen Adventure

Last weekend….

began with me scooting out of work early to try and pack for a night of camping up in the mountains. However, I received a text from our neighbors telling us it was already snowing in Breckenridge. Side note…I like camping, but not that much. So Josh and I decided to just go up for the day on Saturday and explore. I had never been to Breckenridge before and part of my job is hiring people to work there, so I thought it would  be great to visit!

Saturday Morning- We headed up to the mountains! Of course we had to stop at Starbucks and get our Pumpkin Spice Latte’s (yes Josh is drinking one too). The company I work for owns a couple Starbucks, always nice getting an employee discount on the fall drink I cherish the most!

On the way up to Breckenridge, we stopped in Silverthorne to get chipotle (yes… Josh picked  where we ate). There was this river right behind the chipotle (pic below). The trees were gorgeous and the water was so clear we could see all the fish in it. I could have sat there for hours! img_4879img_4801

Josh loves water. and mountains. and especially when they are together.

We made it to Breck! It is the most adorable town. Most of the downtown consists of little historical homes that hold different stores. We enjoyed walking around in the cold crisp fall air.


I definitely suggest visiting Breck if you have not been there before. There is so much to do and see around this area!

Obie is ready for ski season and so are we! In the pic below you can see some of the ski runs on the side of the mountain. It wont be long before they are completely covered in snow!!

It was pretty chilly up in the mountains and Obie was not happy with it. Poor little guy started to shake, so Josh offered to carry him back to the car. I guess since puppies don’t have a lot of muscle/fat on them they can only handle cold temps for little bits at a time. Unless they are bred for cold temps like huskies. (ps…the shopping for a doggy jacket has begun)


On Sunday I fell prey to a common cold and decided to do church online. Good thing I had my nice cuddle buddy!img_4883

When Josh got home we decided it was time to get out in the sunshine. So we were going to go for a “little walk” in our back yard. Apparently the trail was a 5 mile loop that took us the whole afternoon!

Obie was stoked to make a new friend! (don’t worry, we made sure to get the pony safely back to his home).


Obie is in love with horses. He didn’t want to leave!


We also discovered a pond- and Obie had a little too much fun learning the ins and outs of water.


I feel like there are so many different things you can do here, sometimes it can be overwhelming. We are trying to slowly chip away at all this beautiful state has to offer!


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