Vail. Vail. Round 2

We returned from Vail to normal life and missed it so much we decided we needed another weekend up there. So, the very next weekend we jumped on a hotel deal and booked a “relaxing” get away. We also wanted to be able to go into restaurants (not all are dog friendly) and left Obie for some fun at Camp Bow Wow (side note- he loved it).

Our first night in Vail- Josh and I enjoyed a delish dinner in Vail Village. I jumped on the chance to relive my Austrian days and ordered wienerschnitzel! Seriously so good.


Saturday: We slept in. Walked around Vail with Starbucks in hand. More specifically a PSL. We stumbled upon a bike rental place and spent 3 hours biking through Vail. The trail was amazing!



We stopped at a creek and watched the fish swim. Josh is day dreaming about fly fishing. He has an itch to get in the water!


I also got pretty lucky and found the hat I have been eyeing online for awhile. Patagonia was having awesome deals and I was able to get this perfect black jacket. I LOVE IT. I think I wear it everyday.


We spent the rest of the afternoon eating ice cream and dreaming about snow. Crazy to think this area will be filled with snow and skiers in less than a month!



The perfect end to our trip was of course finding a place to watch the cubs game and enjoying some of Vail Brewery’s finest.

This was the perfect get away weekend. One I am really grateful we had. There is just something about being in the mountains with little phone service and such beauty around. It reminds me of sitting on the beach in Michigan just mindlessly watching the beauty of the waves crash against the shore. I forget how easy it is to neglect time to relax, it makes coming back to “normal” life way more enjoyable.


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