Vail. Weekend 1

Okay….I LOVE THE TOWN OF VAIL. I also love my job. This post is a little/a lot over due, life has been really busy lately. We are making new friends, watching the cubs (feels like every single night we are watching baseball- I cannot wait until I have my evenings and TV back), and also trying to soak up the hot fall we are having here in CO.

The past month we spent 2 weekends in Vail. I get really nice discounts on hotels and we definitely got spoiled big time! One weekend we spent a night up in Vail with Josh’s brother. It was so nice that Zach came out to visit! We really enjoyed having a little taste of family- which is making us really look forward to Thanksgiving!

We got ready for our first trip to Vail with a nice new jacket! Obie loves it- it also has a light attached so we will no longer lose him in the dark!

Our first weekend in Vail we stayed at the Arrabelle! They set us up with a dog friendly room, so sweet Ob’s was able to join us! He even got his special own hotel dog bed.

Obie and I spent awhile just walking around Vail. Proud mom moment- so I took a lot of pics. The atmosphere in Vail is amazing, makes me want to hang up Christmas lights and drink Hot Cocoa!



Obie and I met up with the boys to enjoy some pizza and craft beer by a fire! It was such a relaxing a fun night.

The next day was just BEAUTIFUL! We were itching to get outside and go on a hike. We hiked booth falls, definitely recommend it! The Aspen leaves had just fallen, but it was still gorgeous.


These are the best hiking buddies ever!



This is looking down the falls- I didn’t think I had a fear of heights until standing here!

Monumental Moment: We let Obie hike off lease and he did GREAT! He was extremely obedient and would sprint ahead of us on the trail and then sit and wait until we caught up. I think he was happy to have some freedom. img_5036


Little Nugs just enjoying the view.

To wrap it up Obie and I were pooped from our weekend getaway- which led Josh and I to the next weekend getaway in order to relax!


I will make another post with our weekend 2 get away info.   This one got a little long (I had to include all the pics of Obie, sorry!)


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