Seattle 2017

I was really excited about our Seattle trip. It was one place I had always wanted to go, but never had a chance to. Now that we are in CO, I am determined to explore the West Coast a little more!

We were also celebrating being married for 1 year! Woot Woot! This was the perfect celebratory trip.

While in Seattle, we stayed at Hotel Sorrento. It was gorgeous and historic. It opened in 1909 and felt old, but was clean and refurbished. Basically, Josh and I called it boutique-y the entire time we were there.


If you know me well enough, you should know that I love checking out bathrooms. I can already tell you my top 5 favorite bathrooms I have visited my entire life….and I LOVED this bathroom. It was clean (I’d hope) and the white marble are totally my style. I may have to recreate this bathroom someday in a future home.


This was the outside of our hotel. How cute!!

We awoke early on Saturday and started eating our way around Seattle.  We did a little research before the trip and decided we wanted to try a couple different restaurants. Sweet Iron – did not disappoint. Probably the best waffle I have ever had. Josh got maple and bacon and I got whipped cream and strawberries. Would recommend!



Next we decided to walk along the water. I loved how green the city was. It is not typical to see a ton of water and large mountains surrounding you in every direction.

Next we walked over to Pikes Market. I had only ever seen pictures of it and was actually expecting it to be much larger than it was. It was still big, busy, and full of smells. I loved the fresh food and flowers. I also could have just stood there and people watched all day. Obviously, if you go to Seattle, you need to stop here!

While we were in the market we stumbled across a donut shop. We thought that since there was a long line, it was probably good so we decided to wait. BEST DECISION EVER. The donuts from the Daily Dozen were honestly the best I have ever had. They were the perfect bite size and crispy on the outside – gooey and warm on the inside. I am drooling just thinking about them.  Another perk is that they didn’t make anything with Tree Nuts so I didn’t even have to worry about cross contamination or a possible allergic reaction.


We then made our way to Piroshky Piroshky (which had been recommended by 2 different people prior to our trip). Piroshky Pirosky is a small bakery that opened in 1992. The piroshky is a Russian pastry that is stuffed with a filling. Josh had the smoked salmon pate and I had the beef and cheese. Josh really enjoyed his, I was somewhat disappointed with mine. With all the hoopla, I though for sure they would be over the top good. However, mine was just alright.

The food coma was then followed by a well deserved nap. After our nap we walked to pioneer square, which is an old historic area of Seattle. I thought it was a little grungy for my taste, but enjoyed walking around. We headed back towards the market and found Vons 1000 spirits. We had seen wonderful reviews on yelp and decided to give it a try. HOLY COW….SO GOOD.

I got the Mac N Cheese (of course). No joke, the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had. The cool part was that the noodles were made right there in the restaurant and the cheese was from a cheese shop located at Pikes Market! I will dream about this macaroni for years!


I have also been a fan of the French 75 since one of my friends got me hooked awhile ago. At Vons 1000 spirits it was considered a “spun” sugar cocktail. It showed up at our table and it looked like there was cotton candy in my cup. The bartender then poured the drink over the cotton candy to dissolve it and topped it off with some champagne. YUM.


Below is a picture of the cheese shop where the cheese for my macaroni was made! It is located right across the street from Pikes Place Market.


One thing we had to check off our Seattle list was visiting the gum wall. I know….Gross. I think this is what a germaphobic OCD persons hell would look like. We of course added our minty gum to the wall and moved along. This is something you don’t really see everyday!



Next up….MY FAVORITE PART! STARBUCKS!! Of course we had to go to the first ever Starbucks. The funny thing was, there were about 3 Starbucks within a square block of one another and a couple years ago Josh went to the one on Pikes street and took a picture. We both thought he had gone to the original until we actually went to the original this past weekend. I had been jealous for nothing!

The line was extremely long, but we waited patiently to get our very typical Starbucks beverages.


Starbucks started in 1971. However it had a different location for the first 5 years and moved to its 1912 location (right at the market) in 1976.


I have been on a chai kick lately. I think I just enjoy ordering a “dirty chai”.


Dreams do come true! What a wonderful way to end our first full day in Seattle.

Day 2 started by returning to Pikes Place Market and getting a dozen donuts. Don’t judge us until you try them. And yes…we did eat them all. Again, don’t judge us…they are mini.

We then rented a car and drove north. It was nice to get out of the city for a little bit and see some green. The rolling hills and trees in WA are beautiful. We were driving on the highway and saw a sign for the “historic downtown La Conner” and decided to head that way. It was the cutest little coast town. I am so happy we decided to stop!IMG_0183IMG_0187IMG_0188

We stopped at a sandwich shop for lunch and walked through the little shops before continuing north.


We of course had to stop at RoozenGaarde. The largest tulip producer in the western hemisphere. We had missed the tulip window by a month or so, but I imagine it is gorgeous in the spring.  I took the picture below from their website. I would love to go back sometime in April to see this for myself!


We kept driving north until we got to Anacortez. It was a large port town, but not as cute as La Conner. Josh had surprised me earlier with a whale watching tour, so we hopped on a boat with hopes to see some whales.  The boat tour took us through the San Juan islands, they are beautiful! That in itself was a treat. We also were able to see some whales! It always takes my breath away to see these beautiful, large, powerful, majestic animals. IMG_0214IMG_0252IMG_0274IMG_0302

After the boat tour we drove back towards Seattle and crashed into bed. We were exhausted. It was a quick trip, but we ended up checking everything off our list while we were there.  We flew back to CO the next morning still very full, tired, and happy from our wonderful vacation.

Happy Adventuring!



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